Yesterday many of us woke to news about shootings and explosions in Paris. From what I can tell it appears to have been a coordinated terrorist attack. The last article I read stated that over 120 people had been killed. As nations around the world heard of the tragedy, many lit up their nation’s icons with lights in the colours of the French flag as a show of support and sympathy. The hash tag #prayforparis emerged quickly as many Christians lifted prayers for a devastated city.
But this morning as I scrolled through Facebook I discovered a French cartoonist’s reaction to #prayforparis. Basically his thoughts were that Paris doesn’t want or need prayers thank you very much. They don’t want religion forced upon them. There have also been other responses such as ‘prayer does nothing anyway’.
Oh but it does. There is a God out there. And He cares for you even if you don’t want to hear about Him. He hears and answers prayer even if you refuse to believe that He does.
Paris, I am praying for you. If you were drowning and I knew someone who could save you I would be deemed a horrible person if I did not ask them to help. And guess what – I do know someone who can help. His name is Jesus. And I will not sit idly by without bringing your plight before Him. I will #prayforparis. And I make no apology for that.