A Door of Hope

It feels like forever since I have had time to write. But my blog assures me that it has been less than a week. Funny how so much can happen that you lose track of time.

First, our internet was suspended for a few days, due to us not paying bills. Yet another address that we have forgotten to change since moving. But it is all under control now, and we have internet yet again! (Which is a great relief when trying to do assignments, blog, or just go on Facebook to stave off the loneliness!)

After that, I got sick. I hate being sick. And it’s even worse since I became a wife. When you are living at home and get sick, Mum looks after you. And the washing. The cooking. The cleaning. But once you are married, you look after yourself while your husband is at work. You crash on the lounge in the afternoon and when your husband gets home he nearly breaks down the door in a panic because you are so completely out of it that you didn’t answer the door. You stare at growing piles of dishes while thinking of ways you could conceal them so you don’t feel like an utter failure. Perhaps in rubbish bins or the like. Speaking of rubbish bins, they should really learn to empty themselves for poor sick little wives. You live on spaghetti on toast, salad, and crumpets because cooking anything else is just too much effort. (Fortunately I have a very understanding husband who somehow doesn’t mind spaghetti on toast for the umpteenth time in a row, even if he has to get it himself!) The house goes to rack and ruin. There is mess absolutely everywhere. And cleaning? Well, what’s that?

There is finally light at the end of the tunnel though. I am feeling lots better, despite still needing nanna naps in the afternoons. The house isn’t quite so chaotic. Somehow through it all I managed to keep the washing going so we had clothes to wear. And last night we even had real food for dinner!

Life really has it’s ups and downs. Many times when I am sick or just weary with so much to do, I get discouraged. But the other day when my husband and I were reading together, we came across a truly beautiful promise that has helped me get through. ‘And I will give her…a door of hope: and she shall sing there….’ (Hosea 2:15) Just wow.

So, with all the piled up assignments and housework I still have to face, with all the busy-ness and discouraging circumstances of life, I will keep my eyes open. Somewhere, if I just look for it, there is a door of hope that will make me sing even in the dark times.

Will you find that door and sing with me today?