The night before the great move…

Mum and I are currently sitting on mattresses on the floor. My husband drove off about 10 hours ago with most of our belongings. Unfortunately someone had to stay behind to clean the house ready for the final inspection tomorrow morning.

So here we sit. On the floor. In an empty house.

Have I mentioned I hate empty houses? No? Well, I hate empty houses. They sound hollow. And they just feel wrong. I also hate sleeping on the floor. And without my husband. So far tonight isn’t going well for me!

But I have been blessed.

The truck hire company ran out of the smaller truck that we booked. Which meant we got a larger truck for the same price, and were able to fit everything in without stressing or cramming.

My husband and one of his friends managed to load said truck in 3 hours. And nothing got damaged. Yet.

The house is almost clean and there are only a couple of things left to go in the cars in the morning.

And we are going home. Tomorrow. Leaving our first home together and starting on a new journey.

Can’t wait to see where this road leads.