I have officially contracted startitis. A couple of weeks ago, I had three crocheting projects underway – a throw rug that is almost finished and two doilies that I have had about 1/16th done for a couple of years!

Throw rug, almost done!

Throw rug, almost done!

Doilies...poor neglected things...

Doilies…poor neglected things…

I ran out of wool to finish the throw rug after an excited notion to make it bigger. I am nowhere near the store that sells the right wool, so I texted my mum. (Mums fix everything!) She went looking for wool for me, and somehow managed to find a ball in the right dye lot even though I had bought the rest of the wool months ago. I won’t get the wool for a couple of weeks so the only thing I could do on the throw rug was sew in threads. Since this is highly boring, I was going to need another project.

So off I went to find something else! I bought 2 crocheting magazines, because clearly I didn’t have enough patterns in the 4 crocheting books plus multiple loose patterns I already own. After looking through the magazines and adding approximately 10 projects to my ‘to do’ list, I finally decided on a top. I’ve never done one before and trying something new is always fun. So far it’s going great, except for the other projects that forced me to start them and slowed progress down a little!


First a few scrap bits of wool jumped out at me and made me start a potstand/doily thing.

Potholder thingy!

Potholder thingy!

Then a quick blanket pattern appeared online in front of my very eyes and reminded me of the spare wool I had that would be perfect with that pattern. Plus I wanted to see if it was as quick as they said it was! So I had to start that too.

Quick and easy blanket

Quick and easy blanket!

And then there was the cutest little stuffed toy that jumped out at me through a crocheting page on Facebook. Since I have never made a toy either it had to be done. So I started that this morning.

Progress on the stuffed toy so far...

Progress on the stuffed toy so far…

I am making some progress however. The potstand is now finished except for a quick iron. One project down! I finally found motivation to sew the threads in on the throw rug, so it is now on hold – as complete as it can be until I get the extra wool. Which means I only have the doily, the blanket, the toy, and the top in progress now!

I have a funny feeling that having four projects going at once is slightly overexcited and abnormal.

But hey, who said anything about normal?


Of necks and crocheting and music

This morning I woke up with a kink in my neck. I can’t turn it to the right without pain. I guess I’m not going out today then – driving could be a problem! Oh well, I can live with this!

Yesterday I discovered that due to a silly notion to make my crocheted throw rug bigger, I now don’t have enough wool to finish the edging on it. And since we don’t have the same store here, I can’t get more wool. Mum kindly offered to get me another ball, but until that gets here the throw rug will have to wait. But in the meantime, I found a pattern for a top in a crocheting magazine. (I went on a rampage a week ago and bought crocheting magazines – I’m now up to my ears in projects I want to do!) I’ve never done anything like this before, so it could be a little scary putting all the pieces together. But so far it’s been really fun!

The other day I also discovered my new favourite CD. (I think. I can never pick my favourites!) It’s a restful solo piano CD, recorded by a Christian concert pianist.

Solo piano of various hymns

Solo piano of various hymns

It’s just beautiful. And if you buy downloads online instead of CD’s, you get to choose how much you pay based on what you think it is worth! How awesome is that! Check out his music here – Greg Howlett Christian Music. He also has courses available for purchase here. Plus, there is also a whole bunch of free stuff including lessons and arrangements/lead sheets!

Well, with the house to myself, beautiful music, and an overload of crocheting patterns, I’m off to enjoy an awesome day!