Life’s busy-ness!

Since my last post, I have survived a week of class and two weeks of prac. I say survived because at this current point in time I am not missing any limbs, I have minimal dust in my lungs, and I haven’t yet collapsed from extremely sore muscles. Life is good!

Class week was good, but rather lonely when my husband was away. And Mum arrived at the end of the week for a visit! It was wonderful to have help to keep the house in order and do the washing and shopping. (My help has been gone for a week now, and the house is in complete chaos again!) Still so hard to say goodbye, but hopefully we will be going home for a visit in August!

I spent a week with the hippos and a few giraffes, zebras, eland, buffalo, and a sitatunga (which is the CUTEST little antelope-y thing there is!). The hippos were really cool and I got to do a keeper talk on them at the end of the week. The little sitatunga let me pat her and one of the giraffes slobbered on my face. It was a great week!

Last week I worked with the main giraffe group and the white rhinos. It was really interesting and I got to see a lot of different things. Even got to help transport one of the young ones to another spot in the zoo! Muscles were soo sore after an incredible amount of raking but by the end of the week I was starting to get used to it! The only disappointment was that the pregnant rhino refused to give birth last week so I missed seeing that!

I miss prac but since I’ve spent the last 5 weeks at the zoo it’s good to finally have time to do things at home. However, given that the place looks like an explosion went off I think I’d rather hide under a rock somewhere and have a relaxing day! But since I have lots of assignments and so much housework to do I had better stay here and work.

Come to think of it, it’s probably a little uncomfortable under a rock anyway!