Strange things 3 (More aptly, ‘The Great Catastrophe!’)

My last few posts about strange things centred mostly on things I have found in my house. Lately I haven’t found many weird things in my house but I am starting to see and hear strange things. I think I’m slowly going insane. Maybe tiredness is starting to make me see things. I don’t know. But anyway, this morning I saw the postie go past. And then he came past again and stopped at the house across the road. (He hadn’t stopped at all the first time around.) And then he came back again. And again. Three times he came back and put something else in their letterbox! And this was all in the space of about 10 minutes. Either he’s loosing it or I am.

Then this afternoon as the neighbour kids were walking home from school I noticed one of them was wearing a paper bag on her head. Don’t panic people, she wasn’t suffocating. She was wearing it kind of like a chef’s hat. But it wasn’t a hat at all. It was just a regular paper bag. It looked ridiculous and I think if I had been her mother I would have died of shame to find out my daughter was walking around looking like that. Thankfully, I am not her mother.

I’ve also being hearing strange noises coming from the direction of the laundry. Upon closer inspection I discovered that this at least was not a figment of my imagination. It happened to be one disturbed budgie attempting to chew through her cage bars in order to access the outside world.

But all of this was nothing compared to what happened as I was cooking dinner tonight. My husband rang to tell me what time he would be home and so I decided I had time to make a casserole. I chopped vegies and herbs, turned the oven on, mixed everything all up, put it into a pyrex dish, and popped it in the oven. It was all going marvellously! After a quick scan of Facebook I went to water the pot plants. I filled up the watering can and as I did so I heard an alarming smash. At first I couldn’t work out what it was. Then it hit me and I ran to the oven. Glass and casserole everywhere. I turned the oven off and then in a panic I texted my mum – mums always know what to do! Her only suggestion was to leave the door closed in case it smashed further and sent glass all over the floor.

In a rather frazzled state I have managed to quickly chop vegies and defrost patties. It’s certainly not as exciting as casserole was going to be, but it is food nonetheless. All is not lost!

My poor exploded casserole!

My poor exploded casserole!

Except for maybe my oven. But hey, I had been wondering what to do tomorrow!