‘Productive Housewife’…Ha!

This morning when I woke up I decided that today was going to be extremely productive. So I got up. In my sleep-deprived mind at approximately 6am I somehow thought this was a good idea! It was in fact a stupid idea, but more on that shortly.

I made my husband’s lunch. My creativeness in this department extends to a salad sandwich, but since he never complains I see no reason to change. Salad is good for him anyhow. Anyway, after making said sandwich in my sleep and kissing my husband as he went out the door, his parting comment suddenly hit me. ‘Go back to bed darling.’ Go back to bed? What is this man trying to say?! Do I really look that awful? (Granted, I haven’t yet brushed my hair but it can’t be THAT bad…can it?) Oh for goodness sake woman! Stop over-analyzing! Going back to bed sounds good anyway.

You know how I mentioned getting up was a stupid idea? Well I am one of those people that wake up early, still extremely tired, and if I lie there with my eyes closed long enough I can probably get back to sleep. However, if I get up once – to use the bathroom, put socks on, make hubby’s lunch – that’s it. No more sleep for me. So I checked Facebook. I checked my blog. I checked my emails. I even checked my bank account. And after that I gave up and decided to face the day.

So I got up again, and decided to make the bed while I was there. (I am planning to get lots done today, and I may forget to come back and do it later.) Then I progressed out to the lounge room. And found the computer. At which point I checked Facebook again. And my emails. And my bank account. And then ordered a present for my husband. (With his credit card. But that’s completely irrelevant.) And then I checked my blog. And read someone else’s blog post. And then felt compelled to write a blog post myself. And that’s where I am now. So much for my productive day.

But hey, its still only 10am. And somehow in the middle of blogging I have managed to put a load of washing on, clean the bathroom, and put the dishes away. Next on the list is breakfast. Brunch. Whatever. If I get going maybe I can vacuum and mop. Fold yesterday’s washing. (Ok, so half of it was from the day before. Sue me.) And even weed the garden. The poor plants are hardly visible in places! And I definitely need to work on an assignment or two. And maybe, if I get really over-excited, I could wash the huge pile of dishes still on the bench. Ha. Ha. Ha. Or not. Who signed me up to be a housewife anyway?

Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to be one of those women who is complete control. You know the kind. Superwomen. House clean and tidy every time you visit. Dishes done, even dried instead of left on the drainer. Able to whip up a fabulous meal to feed hordes of people at the drop of a hat. With barely any mess to clean up afterwards. And still smiling.

And then I start thinking. Granted, my house may be a mess. But there is laughter in it. There may be dishes everywhere. But my husband and I had fun cooking, eating, and then spending time together. The garden may be overrun with weeds. But that gives me a chance to get out in the sunshine.

It may even look like a tornado hit around here. But the rainbow of each new day with my best friend makes it worth it.

Bring on the housework!!!