Counting blessings

This morning I discovered that the next door neighbour plays the drums. I didn’t have to be a detective to figure it out. In fact all I had to do was, well, nothing. We live in a duplex – which means that we share a lounge/kitchen wall with the neighbours. Currently the neighbour is in their lounge room, pounding on their drum set. Hence how I made this discovery.

I had actually been planning to do grocery shopping this morning. But I have to wait for money from my husband’s account to transfer to mine. And with no money it’s kind of hard to do shopping! So I grumbled. I had shopping to do! ‘Count your blessings.’ Oh bother. Sometimes the call to count your blessings is slightly inconvenient. Especially when you are having a good grump! But I guess a day at home to myself could be a blessing. I can read and crochet and work on my assignment. I could weed the garden. I have time to spend extra time with God and just enjoy His works. I could even do something exciting like shave my legs and take a bath! Not so bad. Thanks for the reminder God.

I was feeling more cheerful by the minute. And then that drumming started. They play the guitar too – that was last week’s discovery. I have to say that they play the drums better than the guitar. The guitar playing was downright mournful. They actually play the drums rather well from what I can hear – which is most of it! When I first heard it I was rather annoyed. The things I have to put up with! And then a little voice whispered in my ear, ‘Count your blessings.’ Blessings God? Oh please. They are pounding on the drums! They’re likely to do it all the time! I’ll never get any sleep! I’ll never get any study done! I won’t get to have my peaceful relaxing day to myself! There is no way this could be a blessing, seriously! ‘Count your blessings.’ Ok fine, I will. But You might have to get me started. ‘Well, have you heard them play before?’ No, and we’ve lived here about a month now. So I guess that noise won’t be bothering me too much. ‘And?’ Oh alright…they may actually have talent, they’re not just banging away, it actually sounds relatively good for drums. And hey, they waited until a decent hour to start playing. I play instruments too and I guess they’ll have to be tolerant of me at some stage. So I should be tolerant of them. Hang on, they’ve just stopped. So its not going to be constantly annoying me after all. I guess there are still blessings.

They have been as quiet as a mouse all day now. I’ve been able to work on my assignment and crochet and have some relaxing time to myself. Last time I spoke to Him we were still counting blessings. So many everywhere I look.

And guess what – He didn’t even say I told you so.