Marriage reading challenge, book two

This year I am participating in a marriage reading challenge – one book picked from a selection on a different topic each month. (You can find January’s book here.)

February’s topic was intimacy in marriage. I chose to read Sheila Gregoire’s book, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, partly because I already own it but hadn’t read it yet, and partly because it sounded like a great read. Which it was.

Sheila has some great points in this book and deals with a tough topic in a very matter-of-fact and slightly humorous manner. She touches on her own personal struggle as a newlywed and gives life to the book with her understanding of the issues involved. As a Christian, she also brings God and His design for sex into the book – which is a big plus!

I would definitely recommend this book for newlyweds, about-to-be-weds, and anyone who is struggling with intimacy in marriage.



This morning as I scrolled through my news feed on Facebook, I came across a photo from my uncle and auntie’s 40th wedding anniversary. As I scanned through the comments I noticed a name that I recognised. And this person’s comment was: ’40 years! That’s torture if you ask me!’ (I kindly refrained from pointing out that nobody HAD asked her!)

But it got me thinking.

How sad for a person to have such a warped view of marriage. And a lot of people share that view.(Think how many people half-joke about marriage being a life sentence!)

But God didn’t design marriage to be that way. His plan was for two people to fall in love with Him and with each other. He wanted them to be totally connected to each other, to find joy in doing life together.

He doesn’t want us to see marriage as torture, a prison, a life sentence. He wants us to see the beauty and joy of sharing your life with one person, of loving and giving to each other, of supporting each other through good and bad.

Don’t look on marriage as the end of your life, your individuality, your happiness. It’s just the beginning of so much more.

Today I want to challenge you to see the blessing in marriage. If you are planning to get married, or are still single, don’t allow a warped view to cloud your choices and relationships or your feelings about marriage. If you are married, rejoice in your marriage today! Be grateful for the gift God has given you.