If you are a wife, or living in your own home, (or maybe even at home if your parents believe in child labour!), you will know the terrible feeling when you wake up and remember – ‘Today is the day I have to wash the windows. And I mean HAVE to Gemma, if you put it off another day you won’t be able to see a thing out of them!’ (Yes, I talk to myself…so what?)

Well…today was that day. The day of windows. (The inside at least – the outside gets to remain dirty until Sunday.) I would love to say that I am just such a wonderful wife that I clean the windows just because I want to. But since that would be a complete lie I won’t say it. The truth is that we are having a rental inspection on Tuesday and that is the real and only reason behind the washing of the windows.

I put it off as long as possible. Because everyone knows you should eat breakfast first. And make the bed. And generally tidy up. And if you don’t go on Facebook then people will start to worry about you! And it is necessary to do some crocheting first because otherwise your hands will be all wet and yucky and you won’t be able to do any! (Ok, so I was really scraping the bottom of the excuses barrel!)

But I finally got myself all fired up to clean windows. And I got the necessary items ready. And then I had to send a text message while it was on my mind. (Hey, I would forget otherwise!) And then the scrubbing began.

I looked at the kitchen window. Hmm…too high to reach the top of that without help. So I moved on. Lounge room…well this looked do-able. Found a fishing hook on the windowsill and wondered if my life will forever consist of finding strange things in my house. (Remind me to tell you about those strange things sometime!) And then I carried on. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, and the laundry later, and there are no windows left except that kitchen. And so I analyzed it. I could reach about halfway up, perhaps I could just do half! What’s the likelihood of anyone ever noticing anyway? But what if someone DID notice? Well, I just had to find some way of doing it. Grow taller? Not likely. Climb on the bench? Ah! And then I remembered – in our garage there hangs a stepladder. Well, that could work! So I got the stepladder and my cloth and climbed up. And I STILL couldn’t quite get to the top of the windows! So I had to climb on the bench after all.

I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that the windows are all clean. However, while washing them I discovered that the blinds are filthy. Maybe tomorrow. 

You know, cleaning is really never-ending. As soon as you get one thing clean, another demands your attention. And while you’re doing that, that first thing is gathering dust again! Its a real work in progress, just like you and me. And yet He cleans, patiently and gently, a little soap here, a little scrub there. And when I get dirt all over me yet again, He cleans the same spot once more. And unlike me, He doesn’t get sick of windows.

I’m not as close to God as I’d like to be. I get discouraged, I neglect Him. I still fight with my husband, argue with my mother, dob my brother in. I may waste an opportunity to witness for God, even do damage to His name. I’m not perfect by any means. But thank God, He’s still cleaning the windows!