52 weeks of happy (1/52)

Shortly after writing my post on joy in little things I accidentally stumbled across this blog post. And I decided to join in. The idea is to share 4 little things that have made you happy in the last week for 52 weeks. So here goes!

1. Coming in at number one is the awesome T-shirt I found while shopping on Friday afternoon. I had been on prac at the zoo all morning (starting at 6:30am, ugh), so by the time I finished the grocery shopping (Read as: trying to get food without being killed by numerous, crazy, and sometimes inconsiderate shoppers) I was well and truly worn out. My feet were sore, my back was sore, and I just wanted to go home and sleep. But I had parked miles away (due to the numerous other shoppers beating me to the good parking spots!) and had to walk past quite a few other shops before I got to my car. And as I walked, the aforementioned shirt caught my eye – it was just a regular T-shirt, nothing special – until you saw the word ‘WIFEY’ printed across the front in big letters! I was so excited! A definite must-have! So I bought it and my husband was suitably impressed.

2. In second place is the set of 3 pineapple doilies (crocheted to sell to a friend), that I FINALLY finished last night! Feels like I’ve been working on them forever and it makes me happy to see them all done! Here they are, all finished and wrapped, ready to go to their new home. IMG_3235

3. At number 3, I have finally started my birding album on Facebook! (I am a member of a Facebook birding group that is currently running a ‘Big Year’ type challenge – photograph as many different Aussie bird species as you can in the current financial year. Two weeks into the challenge and I finally have a start – 18 lovely little birdies in one Sabbath afternoon stroll! I know I am way behind the serious bird-watchers in the group, but at least I’m having fun!

My favourite shot of the day!

My favourite shot of the day!

4. And my last happy thing would be the washing bobbing happily on the line. And the clean dishes. (Considering I have barely done dishes in the last couple of days, I am quite proud of the amazing transformation of the kitchen!) After being on prac all week it is great to have time to wash and clean!


Some (finally) finished crocheting projects!

Last week I received a surprise parcel from Mum, which contained the ball of wool I had been needing to finish my throw rug, plus numerous other goodies! So that afternoon I sat down with Mozart’s Flute Concerto, fruit tic tacs, and crocheting and finished it off.

The finished product!

The finished product!

It has a really cool edging that I had never seen before called Trefoil Edging.


It’s the first big project I’ve made for myself, not someone else! Feels kind of weird to keep it!

The other project that I had been working on, which I also finished last week, was my first attempt at a stuffed toy. I made a few mistakes and learnt some things for next time but he still turned out really cute.

Presenting Snufflehufflegus!

Presenting Snufflehufflegus!

Now I’m working on a present for someone – can’t tell you what it is in case they read this but it’s turning out really nice so far.

I also bought a whole bunch of wool yesterday to make a colourful caterpillar! Can’t wait to see him take shape!