‘A friend loves…

‘A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.’ Proverbs 17:17 NKJV

I was looking through my wedding photos this morning when I noticed something. In about 50% of the pictures, including some he was not meant to be in, is a face. A very cheeky smiling grinning face. A face that is on a body tall enough to poke himself over people’s heads. A face that says he knows he is not supposed to be there, but since I am preoccupied he can get away with it. I saw this face almost every day for 22 years. Then I got married and moved away. And I cried when we had to say goodbye.

I have one brother, two years younger than me. At a  young age I decided that brothers were somewhat annoying, besides being irritating and irrational. I called him my ‘little bother’. So when I found this verse I was delighted! Brothers were there for adversity, for arguing, for being generally troublesome! I knew it!

It wasn’t until a lot later that I finally discovered that this was not at all what God had in mind.

As years went by we (slowly!) grew from siblings into friends.

We waltzed madly around the kitchen to songs on movies. We talked to each other about our (now) spouses. We cried on each other’s shoulders. We occasionally even took each other’s side against a common foe – Mum! We could work out what the other was thinking just by a look. We bopped our heads crazily to the credits music at the movies – with both of our significant others looking at us like we were mad. (We still do, and they still give us the same weird looks!) We found we could communicate through various grunts that leave most people thoroughly confused. This lead to learning to translate what the other is trying to say with their mouth full. (We developed this talent because Mum wouldn’t let us talk with our mouths open – mums are funny like that – but she would still ask questions while we were eating. Clearly someone had to tell her what we were saying!) I called him Georgie (even though that is not his name!) for no apparent reason.

Don’t get me wrong, we argued like crazy. (Still do!) But if anyone else picks on either of us, look out!

And at some point, I finally got it. God knew that in this crazy world we would need forever friends. The kind that you can tell anything to, that will always be there for you. And so He invented siblings – friends that are stuck together until they work out how much they actually need each other -and gave me one of the best.

And Georgie? I miss you. (And you’re still the only person I can waltz properly with!)

Brothers aren’t just for adversity, they are for forever. ♥



Yesterday I lost my ring. Not the real wedding ring, just a cheap one I wear while I’m on prac or working in the garden. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was wearing it one moment and it was gone the next! Ok maybe not quite that quick. I was sitting in bed fiddling with it and all of a sudden it just flung off. I couldn’t work it out. There was no clunk, so it had to be on the bed. But it wasn’t! I shook sheets and pillows and pjs and still couldn’t find it. I got a little panicky. So I prayed. Nothing.  I asked Mum for advice – she told me to pull everything off and shake it and look again.

I nearly didn’t. I nearly decided it was too much work. I’d find it eventually. It’s not like it was going anywhere. (Rings can’t walk, right?) But the stubborn side of me wanted to find that ring. So I pulled all the pillows off the bed again, I pulled the sheets and blankets off the bed and shook them, and I unfolded pyjamas and shook them too. Just when I was about to give up there was a clunk as the ring dropped out.

I said a prayer to thank God for giving me patience to keep looking. And as I did, something hit me. I was willing to give a lot of time and effort seeking a ring that isn’t worth much at all. (Except for what it stands for, but let’s forget about that for the time being.) But how much time and effort am I willing to give to seeking God? I spent a lot of time on my knees looking for one small ring. But how much time am I willing to spend there preparing for eternity? How many feathers am I willing to ruffle to live for Him? How much of my day am I willing to give to seeking and doing God’s will?

It wasn’t about the ring. It was about how much it means to me.

So how much does God mean to me? How much does He mean to you?


I have officially contracted startitis. A couple of weeks ago, I had three crocheting projects underway – a throw rug that is almost finished and two doilies that I have had about 1/16th done for a couple of years!

Throw rug, almost done!

Throw rug, almost done!

Doilies...poor neglected things...

Doilies…poor neglected things…

I ran out of wool to finish the throw rug after an excited notion to make it bigger. I am nowhere near the store that sells the right wool, so I texted my mum. (Mums fix everything!) She went looking for wool for me, and somehow managed to find a ball in the right dye lot even though I had bought the rest of the wool months ago. I won’t get the wool for a couple of weeks so the only thing I could do on the throw rug was sew in threads. Since this is highly boring, I was going to need another project.

So off I went to find something else! I bought 2 crocheting magazines, because clearly I didn’t have enough patterns in the 4 crocheting books plus multiple loose patterns I already own. After looking through the magazines and adding approximately 10 projects to my ‘to do’ list, I finally decided on a top. I’ve never done one before and trying something new is always fun. So far it’s going great, except for the other projects that forced me to start them and slowed progress down a little!


First a few scrap bits of wool jumped out at me and made me start a potstand/doily thing.

Potholder thingy!

Potholder thingy!

Then a quick blanket pattern appeared online in front of my very eyes and reminded me of the spare wool I had that would be perfect with that pattern. Plus I wanted to see if it was as quick as they said it was! So I had to start that too.

Quick and easy blanket

Quick and easy blanket!

And then there was the cutest little stuffed toy that jumped out at me through a crocheting page on Facebook. Since I have never made a toy either it had to be done. So I started that this morning.

Progress on the stuffed toy so far...

Progress on the stuffed toy so far…

I am making some progress however. The potstand is now finished except for a quick iron. One project down! I finally found motivation to sew the threads in on the throw rug, so it is now on hold – as complete as it can be until I get the extra wool. Which means I only have the doily, the blanket, the toy, and the top in progress now!

I have a funny feeling that having four projects going at once is slightly overexcited and abnormal.

But hey, who said anything about normal?

Kitchen Disasters!

Yesterday I opened my first electricity bill. (Not that I haven’t opened electricity bills before. But this one wasn’t Mum’s. This one was mine. This one had my husband’s name on it. Which means we have to pay it.) And after opening it, I wished I hadn’t. It was terrifying. While the calculations assure me that we are well below the average two-person household’s daily usage, there are a number of strange charges that make it add up to quite a large sum! Someone shoot me now!

Anyway, opening said bill killed my happy mood for the day. So in an effort to cheer myself up, I read a few blogs. One lady mentioned  melting a potholder on a stove. Which reminded me of some of my kitchen disasters. (Apart from the casserole disaster, all of these occurred before I was married. Which means that if my husband doesn’t like my cooking style, he should have thought of that before he married me!)

My first ever kitchen disaster wasn’t so bad. I had been boiling an egg, and when I went to remove the shell it wasn’t quite done. No problem, I thought. Microwaves were invented for a reason. Ha! Don’t ever put a half-boiled egg in the microwave – it explodes! I ended up with egg all over the inside of the microwave. Fun. But I learnt my lesson, and I’ve never tried that again.

The next time I went near a microwave I was attempting to dry herbs. I had a herb garden and a few things like parsley and basil were growing out of control. So I figured that drying the excess would be a wonderful idea. I wasn’t sure on how to do it so I googled it. (Don’t ever listen to Google!) I found a whole ‘how to’ microwave method – quick and easy! Herbs on a sheet of paper towel for 1 minute. Anyone could do that! So I tried it. The first time it worked brilliantly – nicely dried herbies with no effort whatsoever! The second attempt was more disastrous. The paper towel went up in flames, and brilliant me grabbed it out of the microwave and tossed it on the kitchen floor. This burnt a hole into the lino. The herbs were dried alright – dried and burnt to a crisp! After that, I went and bought a food dehydrator.

I have a funny feeling I shouldn’t go anywhere near microwaves. Or fire. Or perhaps eggs, herbs, and casserole.

‘I am a little pencil …

‘I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.’ ~ Mother Teresa

Last night as my husband and I were reading together, we came across a quote by Mother Teresa. It wasn’t this one, but as we talked about her life and a few of her quotes it got me thinking. And then I resorted to Google to look for more.

And I found this.

A pencil is defined as an instrument used for writing, drawing, etc. Pencils come in all colours and sizes. A pencil is very useful in the right hands, but it is useless until someone picks it up. A pencil may wear out, never knowing whether it was successful in it’s task. Many pencils may be needed to finish writing one letter.

It is the same with us. We are all pencils, instruments in the Writer’s hands. God’s children come from all races and are of all ages. And God uses many pencils to tell His story. As He uses us to tell of His love, we may give until we are spent and may never see any results. And we may get discouraged. We may question if we are really of any use. We may even wonder if He actually knows what He is doing.

But one day we will see the letter. The beautiful story of His love that He has used us to write. And in that moment we will understand. And we will be content. Content to have been ‘a little pencil’ in the Writer’s hands.

Won’t you let Him use you to write His love today?


Broken & Beautiful…

A really thought-provoking post from a friend’s blog.
We often work so hard at keeping up appearances, being the perfect Christian. We need to learn to accept that none of us is perfect, but by God’s grace we are still loved. Let’s help each other to the foot of the cross, where the Heart Healer can make us beautiful.

‘Forgiveness is…

‘Forgiveness is surrendering my right to hurt you back.’

Today I heard someone give this definition of forgiveness. It’s true. To forgive someone is an automatic acknowledgement that they have done wrong, they have hurt you. It does not make their wrong any less. But as they say, two wrongs don’t make a right. Hurting others is never right, even if they deserve it.

It can be a hard thing to do. There have been people in my life that have been almost impossible to forgive. But God asks us to forgive, as He has forgiven us. 

Is there someone you need to forgive today?