Giving up

Last week I gave up. Not on life or my dreams or anything drastic like that. Just on a shirt. Or rather, on getting a rather sizable PVC glue stain out of said shirt. I have tried everything I can think of and it just won’t go.

It started when my husband was getting dressed for work – his first day at a new plumbing job. He brought me this shirt and asked if I could maybe get the stain out of it – he didn’t really want to wear it to his new job looking like that. I agreed to give it a shot. Why I didn’t just give up then and there I don’t know. Maybe because I am a stubborn person, maybe because he asked so nicely. At any rate, it couldn’t be that hard I was sure. We possess stain remover after all!

So I got to work. I scrubbed that stain like no stain has ever been scrubbed before! No luck. I was undaunted however – there was still stain remover and soaking to try! So I sprayed it with stain remover, waited a while, and scrubbed again. Still no luck. So I sprayed it with stain remover and put it in a bucket of soaker and warm water. Surely that would fix it! I left it there for a week before I checked it. The stain was still as blue as ever. So I scrubbed and sprayed and soaked it yet again. By this time I was getting a little discouraged, so in desperation I messaged my cousin. She married a plumber about a year before I did you see – she was sure to have some solutions! She didn’t. She did sympathise however, and sent me a link to some hope that she had found on the internet – apparently WD40 gets PVC glue stains out of clothes!

So off I went to Bunnings to get WD40. I looked up the link and followed the instructions – spray stain thoroughly, and leave for an hour. I sprayed so much WD40 on it that my bathroom smelt like a WD40 factory! And then I left it to soak in. An hour later I was back. Next step – rub it vigorously with a dry cloth. So I did. And nothing happened. Well, maybe you had to wash it – that was the next step. So I washed it. Nothing had changed. So I put the shirt through the steps all over again. And still the blue stain glared at me.

After that I gave up. I was a little discouraged. I had really had my heart set on being a wonderful little wife and working out a way to remove the stain, but it was not to be. I told my husband that it just wasn’t moving, so it would have to stay there. He was understanding and thanked me for trying so hard.

I was reminded of a well-known prayer.

‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’

I have discovered that shirt stains are one thing that I cannot change. But I can change my attitude – I can choose to be happy amidst a million shirt stains. (Well, maybe not quite that many!)

What about you? What can you change?