Three Months On

Three months after moving we are finally settled into our new house. Apart from a damaged table and a small moment of panic when we thought the fridge wouldn’t fit, the move went really well. And thanks to help from family, unpacking was relatively quick and easy. There are still several boxes to be unpacked but everything is organised. Finally. (The boxes appear to be breeding, but I refuse to let this get to me. Remain calm. Don’t panic.)

On a more cheerful note – I love our new house! It’s  about the same size as our first house (read ‘small’) but it is a lot brighter and airier. And it backs onto a nature reserve! Which means that I can look out of the window and see trees, not another house! We get regular visits from a variety of birds and lizards – our new kitten enjoys making friends with them from the other side of the glass.

The adorable Bella about 2 months ago

The adorable Bella about 2 months ago

In the 3 months since the great move we have unpacked, purchased the aforementioned kitten, had a wonderful Christmas holidays with family, gone away for a couple of days for our anniversary (which was lovely until my husband got sick!), attended a 21st for a dear friend (who was one of my bridesmaids a year ago!), and enjoyed numerous other outings with friends and family. (It is so good to be near them all again!) Somehow I have also managed everyday housekeeping without killing myself or the kitten.

I also finally finished my course at the zoo. I am sad that it is over, but so glad I had the opportunity – it was so much fun! After dramas with a teacher ‘losing/not opening their eyes and seeing’ an assignment and all the fuss that resulted from that, I was really happy to finish the assignments part. Now I am just waiting to receive my certificate.

I have been looking for some work but for now I have just been doing lots around the house and taking a break (if tidying, sorting, and trying to sell things we no longer need counts as a break!). It is nice to have time to do more crocheting and music too. Loving getting back into viola lessons, and teaching my mum to play piano.) And I am enjoying making respectable dinners for my hard working man. And catching up on sleep. Sleep. Sleeepp…………………


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