The joys of moving…

I am currently staring at a pile of boxes. Boxes that are surrounded by stuff. Stuff that is supposed to be IN the boxes.

Don’t judge – at least I have removed the stuff from the cupboards and placed it next to the boxes! And I’ll pack it after I’m done blogging, I promise. (It is also possible that I may accidentally drop half of it on the floor so it breaks and won’t require packing.)

Anyway, in the middle of all this packing I came to a conclusion. Packing is overrated. Brilliant I know. And do you know what else I discovered? There is nothing one can do about it! Believe me, I tried.

My first plan of attack was to ignore it in the hopes that it would go away. It didn’t. It is still there. So I went for the ‘try to get someone else to pack it’ option. That worked slightly better than ignoring it. But only slightly.

I then tried a third option. The one where you DON’T TRY not to break things (as opposed to TRYING not to break them) – because you know, good wives don’t break things on purpose. Just by accident. Recurring accidents. The kind where ALL the glassware accidentally breaks into a million pieces and can’t be fixed. I must have done something wrong because nothing broke! Not a single thing!

After that I gave up in despair and accepted my fate. I must pack. So I have hauled boxes and bags and wrapped and folded and finally it is mostly done. Except of course for the pile that is still sitting in front of me. Which brings me to another conclusion – when God said, ‘Be fruitful and multiply’, my stuff definitely got the memo!

It really is amazing how much one can acquire in under 10 months of marriage! It is also amazing how much it costs to transport it all!

But despite all the packing, I am thrilled to be moving! Home is where the heart is, and since my heart has been torn between two places for the past 10 months it will be good to finally have it all in one place! It will be sad to leave behind our first home together, but we have been blessed with a lovely little house to replace it. (At least I think it will be lovely! Having only seen one picture of it, I can only hope that my mother still tells the truth!)

Speaking of mother, that reminds me – she arrives in less than 3 hours! The ‘try to get someone else to pack’ option may still work!



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