‘It’s so loud, …

‘It’s so loud, I just can’t seem to slow this down
I need You more than ever now
Let the silence be the only sound

Your glory becomes the only thing I see,
Your beauty brings me to my knees,
The awe that You inspire in me
Makes me want to be still….’

Life at the moment is so busy, so loud. I am crowded by assignments and there is so much housework, cooking, dishes, washing, and ironing to be done every day. (Actually forget the ironing, I’ve given up on that!) Sometimes I feel like a huge failure as a wife. I am stressed wondering what will happen next year. And there are days when it all gets too much.

And I can’t get it to slow down. I can’t make assignments do themselves, I can’t abolish housework (unfortunately!), and cooking, dishes, washing, & ironing are all a part of life. (And this whole ‘wife’ business means all of it is doubled!)

But when it gets too overwhelming, when I can’t slow life down, I remember how much I need God. More so each day. His whisper reminds me that I need to ‘be still’ and focus on Him. And as I do, His glory really does become the only thing I see. So today instead of worrying, instead of trying to do it all on my own, I choose to be still. To kneel at His feet until He gives me strength to stand and get through this day.

Won’t you join me there?


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