Strange things part 4 (Where I surprise everyone with my gardening skills!)

There seem to be so many strange things occurring in my house that I have managed to write 3 (nearly 4!) blog posts about them! Oh well, it’s good to have something to laugh at!

Recently I heard a strange noise in my lounge room. It sounded like a finch. But I don’t have finches in the lounge room! (At least, not unless our finches figured out how to unlock and open doors and managed to get out of the cage and into the house!) So it couldn’t be a finch. I went investigating. And then it hit me – I had put the budgies in the lounge room. It was one of them masquerading as a finch! So now it gets even more confusing – the finches make finch noises, the husband makes finch noises (he has conversations with the poor finches – they are completely bewildered by it!), and the budgies are learning finch noises! Soon my furniture will start making finch noises and then I’ll know I’m really losing the plot! But until then, I guess I can put up with the weird finch noises in my house!

One night my dear husband arrived at the door to announce that he had a present for me. (Ladies, when your husband makes announcements like this, don’t get your hopes up – a present can mean anything from flowers to dirty socks. And more often than not it’s the socks.) In this case it was dirty socks, shirt, and shorts – all of which were filthy and covered in prickles! It took ages to remove said prickles but I did it. And then I washed it all and relaxed in the delusion that it would not happen again.

Ha! (Sometimes I have completely unrealistic ideas!) Anyway, this time it was a jumper and socks completely covered in prickles and mud with lovely grass seeds embedded in the fabric. I was busy for the next couple of weeks so I sat them in the laundry tub until I got around to it. Every now and then I had time to remove several prickles but I wasn’t making much headway. Then I went away for a week. When I came home they still hadn’t miraculously disappeared. So, several days later (after much unpacking and cleaning and procrastinating) I finally faced the worst. And as I was plucking prickles, I spied two green leaves. Upon closer inspection, I discovered  that a prickle was GROWING in the sock. Literally growing!! Roots and all! I may not be a wonderful wife, but I’m one awesome gardener! (Have YOU ever grown prickles in a laundry tub with no soil or water? See, there you have it – I am talented!) I found one more prickle sprouting in the other sock, but finally managed to get all the prickles out and wash them and rejoice in the beauty of a clean jumper and socks!

It was a little surprising but you know you’re getting something right as a wife when you can laugh with your husband at the horror of prickles growing in his washing!


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