Happily ever after….

I like fairytales – the kind where a handsome prince falls in love with a beautiful girl, rescues her from a dragon, and takes her away to a beautiful place where they live happily ever after. All of us love those stories. And deep in our romantic hearts we wish that could be us. We want to be the beautiful heroine in a dramatic story, with a handsome prince rescuing us from some huge dragon. We want lovely glass slippers and pretty dresses and a prince that makes us swoon.

And then when life doesn’t go like it does in our fairytales, we fall apart. We don’t get handed glass slippers or beautiful dresses and our prince is either stuck in a tree somewhere or he is flawed. So we despair of finding perfect love at all.

But the truth is, life isn’t a fairytale. Glass slippers don’t drop from the sky and pretty dresses don’t get handed around by fairy godmothers. Laundry and housework aren’t very dramatic dragons to fight. (And let’s face it, princes don’t do laundry and housework very often – looks like we’re taking them on by ourselves!)

True happiness isn’t dependent on beautiful clothes and shoes or the perfect prince. (Princes are rarely perfect in real life anyway!) And love isn’t perfect. Sometimes your prince may see things totally differently. (Men think on a very weird wavelength!) Sometimes he may not see things at all – this can include dirty dishes, work in general, a new dress that you wanted a compliment on, or the fact that you need him or just want a hug. (Remember that he can’t mindread – if you need him or you feel like he doesn’t care, tell him! I can pretty much guarantee that he does care but he is just too oblivious to notice!) Sometimes your prince may make you mad, and you might say hurtful things to each other.puss in boots sorry

But true love always forgives. It is always

willing to learn from past mistakes and

start all over again. And it is never too proud

to say ‘I’m sorry’. 

And I believe that is the secret to ‘happily ever after’.

That and flowers.

And flowers


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