Last week I went home to visit family and friends. I had been longing to see them all for 5 long months. I had mourned my loneliness and complained to my husband numerous times. It must have worn him to a frazzle, because when I suggested going for a visit he was all for it! So I decided to go and planned to surprise everyone by turning up unannounced.

I frantically cleaned the house and washed the clothes and the dishes so that everything would be clean (for a couple of days at least!) while I was gone. I packed – clothes and shoes and assignments and things to show mum when I arrived. Finally after it was all done I tucked everything into my car and tried to say goodbye. At the last minute, I almost decided I didn’t want to go. Driving off and leaving my husband there was just too devastating. I had been so excited to go home. And I still was. But somehow I couldn’t leave. I even managed to reverse out of the driveway and then came back to give him a key for the letterbox – I was really trying to stay! He reminded me that I was going to see my family and that I would have lots of fun, gave me one last hug and waved goodbye. (He basically shoved me in the car and closed the door!)

I was happy and excited! (After a little cry anyway.) I had music blaring and I was homeward bound!

But somewhere in the middle of an 11 hour drive, amid a flood of tears, I realised that home was behind me, not in front. Home is back here. Yes, it’s in the middle of nowhere and miles from anything at all. There is pretty much no one here. My family and friends are almost all ‘there’.

After the tears stopped, I had a wonderful visit and it was hard to say goodbye to everyone again. But when it came time to leave, I was so excited to be coming home. Because you see, my heart had been here the whole time.

❤ Home is where the heart is
And my heart is anywhere you are
Anywhere you are is home ❤


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