Finding joy in little things!

Yesterday I made the long journey home from a visit with my family. I was grumbling as usual about the length and boringness of the drive. (Is boringness a word?) Anyway, about 2 hours away from home I came across a little town. As I was driving through it I noticed a little boy who couldn’t have been more than 3 years old playing beside his front gate. He had found a delicious mud puddle and was gleefully jumping into it, over and over. And each time he jumped, the grin of pure delight that came across his face made me smile. I spied his mum watching from their front gate – she was smiling at his happiness too. (I bet she wasn’t smiling later when she had to clean him up!)

As adults we often grumble and complain. We forget to notice the little things. A bird singing, a rainbow, a flower. And sometimes it takes the sight of a little boy gleefully jumping in the middle of a mud puddle to wake us up. To help us remember to enjoy the little things with all the enthusiasm of a child.

So today, remember to stop and listen to the bird’s song. Take a moment to gasp at the beauty of that rainbow. Smell a gorgeous rose. And if you see a mud puddle, jump in it! More than once! And make sure you smile – because joy is contagious!



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