Some (finally) finished crocheting projects!

Last week I received a surprise parcel from Mum, which contained the ball of wool I had been needing to finish my throw rug, plus numerous other goodies! So that afternoon I sat down with Mozart’s Flute Concerto, fruit tic tacs, and crocheting and finished it off.

The finished product!

The finished product!

It has a really cool edging that I had never seen before called Trefoil Edging.


It’s the first big project I’ve made for myself, not someone else! Feels kind of weird to keep it!

The other project that I had been working on, which I also finished last week, was my first attempt at a stuffed toy. I made a few mistakes and learnt some things for next time but he still turned out really cute.

Presenting Snufflehufflegus!

Presenting Snufflehufflegus!

Now I’m working on a present for someone – can’t tell you what it is in case they read this but it’s turning out really nice so far.

I also bought a whole bunch of wool yesterday to make a colourful caterpillar! Can’t wait to see him take shape!


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