Whatever it takes….

I once heard a story of a Christian man whose children had left the church. He agonised over this, and tried to do everything he could to lead them back to God. He wept for them and pleaded with them. He prayed for them regularly and tried to live as an example. But still there was no change in the lives of his children. One night he started praying that God would do whatever it took, anything, even if he had to die that they might be brought to God. Soon after, he was in a fatal car accident. And his children all gave their lives to God.

There is Another who agonised over His lost children. He wept and pleaded with them and tried to show them how they should live. But His children didn’t appear to notice. There was no change. At times they even ridiculed Him. Until one dark night He also chose to give whatever it took and laid down His life for them.

I don’t know about you, but some days I feel unworthy. Like I have done too much, gone too far. There are so many better people in the world, why would God care about me? And then I remember the story of a God who gave His life for His children. All of them. Not just the good ones, the pretty ones, the lovable. But the bad, the scoffers, even the ones who hated Him. He was willing to do whatever it took, even for those who would refuse it.

You may feel that you have gone too far, that you no longer have anything to give Him. But today He is still willing to do whatever it takes to save us.

One of my favourite songs puts it so well.

‘You don’t know just how far
Away from home I’ve been,’
She said as she looked into my eyes.
‘Could it be I’ve strayed beyond
Mercy’s outstretched hand
And now His grace no longer stoops
To hear my cry?
You see, I just wanna know
Tell me how far will He go –
Will He still reach for me
Inspite of where I’ve been?’
And I told her,

‘He’ll do whatever, whatever it takes
His grace reaches lower than your worst mistakes
And His love will run farther
Than you can run away, my friend
He’ll do whatever, whatever it takes
He’ll do whatever it takes.’ (He’ll Do Whatever it Takes, by Phillips Craig & Dean)

No matter who you are, no matter where you’ve been, He died for you. And He will do whatever it takes to save you. You just have to ask Him.

Go on, He’s waiting.


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