The trouble with sleep…Or lack thereof

The other day I mentioned how once I get up I can’t go back to sleep. So you will understand if I start to make no sense whatsoever. I got up at 1:30am. Trying to get back to sleep after that was fun. Eventually I dozed off again only to hear my husband’s alarm blaring in what seemed like minutes. 4:30am. I have nothing against morning, but anytime before 7am is cruel and unusual punishment in my books!

And if being awake at that hour wasn’t bad enough, I got up to make my husband’s lunch yet again. Without being asked. I’m such a good wife, even if I do say so myself. (Actually, my husband says it too. It’s good to know he appreciates me sacrificing my precious sleep!) I may be verging on dead, but I’m a great wife!

The trouble with being awake at this hour is that there is nothing to do. The house is clean and I have a funny feeling the neighbours wouldn’t appreciate me vacuuming anyway. Washing is also a bit loud. I could do a few dishes but I’m not feeling that energetic. If I eat I’ll get fat. If I drink some of that fizzy drink in the fridge I’ll have to get up again to use the bathroom. Plus I’ll end up with bubbles up my nose. If I crochet I’ll probably put stitches where there should not be stitches. Or not put stitches where they should be. Although when it gets a littler lighter I might just run the risk.

I have this strange urge to go do my shopping now and get it over with. I’m kinda new to this whole ‘wife’ thing but I’m pretty sure it’s not normal to want to go shopping in the dark and cold, when there is absolutely no one at the shops. It just sounds so peaceful! But I know that I can’t. So the only shopping I could do is buy things online. Which I may or may not have just done. Again. (This time with MY card, instead of my husband’s!) I should stop waking up at ridiculous hours otherwise we may go broke!

In order to prevent this happening I have decided my best course of action is to go back to sleep. Please nobody wake me between now and say 10am. Because if I wake up again I may just buy more things.


2 thoughts on “The trouble with sleep…Or lack thereof

  1. Why don’t you start making our husbands lunch the night before so you don’t have to get up so early each morning? That’s what I do for mine.

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