Strange things, part 2

My house seems to be full of strange things. Since I wrote my last post on strange things, even more have appeared to baffle me.

I found one while doing the washing. I sorted the washing and put it all in the machine. Everything was going marvelously until I discovered that there was a bump under the door seal on my front loader. This is not normal. So I checked underneath the seal and behold, there were 2 screws. They weren’t attached to anything, just sitting there happily. I removed them and relocated them to a more natural habitat. Whoever does the washing around here needs to learn to check in the pockets! (I should also remind them about the washing on the lounge room floor that needs folding.)

Then there was a really strange noise I heard the other day. It sounded like a cow mooing. It can’t have been, because we live in town and there is nowhere for a cow to be. Nowhere at all. So unless we have cows loose on our streets it can’t have been a cow. But if it wasn’t a cow, I’d like to know what it was! Perhaps I am just losing the plot and starting to hear things.

This morning I discovered a strange black patch on the carpet. I have no idea where it came from. Or how to let it know that it is not welcome for that matter. (I mean, does carpet have ears?) I don’t even know how to go about getting black patches out of carpet. But Mother is coming on Friday, and since mothers know all things, she is bound to know how to remove it!

And then there was a rather horrible strange thing in our street this morning. We heard people talking in the middle of the street so we looked out the window to find out what was going on. Our neighbours were talking to a ranger and looking at something on the road. I couldn’t work out what it was – we saw our neighbours later and apparently it was a mutilated dead pig! How it got there nobody seems to know. It was quite horrible! Fortunately the ranger removed it and all appears to be normal in our street.

I haven’t found any other strange things as yet, which is good, because I am kind of over finding weird things! However, I am learning patience and to expect the unexpected! So stay tuned for the next batch of strange things!


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