A Bookworm

I love reading. I always have. I used to take books to town and hold onto Mum’s sleeve while she shopped and I read. She had to hide new books she had bought and bring them out over a few weeks so I wouldn’t read them all at once. I was a real bookworm!

It didn’t matter what it was, I read everything! I have read novelised Bible stories, missionary stories, angel stories, biographies, and autobiographies. I have read dictionaries, recipe books, bird books, and encyclopedias. I have read textbooks, classics, and animal stories. And I enjoyed them all.

I have a habit of reading at least 2 books at once, swapping between them as I feel like it. It can have disastrous effects – I once read two books (I think it was John Wesley and George Whitefield) and got them all muddled up in my head until had no idea which facts belonged to which man! I still love doing it but I have since learned to keep each book in order in my head so I don’t get confused!

I love libraries and bookstores. I can’t resist buying new books, borrowing old ones. My latest purchase was a new copy of Mound-Builders, a book on Malleefowl. (I bought it for an assignment but it is actually really interesting. Did you know that Malleefowl only ever travel about 2km maximum from the mound where they hatched?) The book before that was a 50c copy of a biography, Peter Marshall, from a little secondhand shop.

You can learn so much from books. Like how to grow tulips or identify a particular bird. Like what to feed a stray baby lorikeet or the history of the Roman Empire. At least, you can when you have time to read them. Marriage has a way of taking all your time and energy away from such things as reading and giving it completely to house-keeping and studying. But somehow in the middle of it all it is still a wonderful feeling to pick up a book sometimes and just smell it and then read it all the way through in a few hours just to prove I still can.

If you asked me to pick my favourite out of all of the books I have ever read I probably wouldn’t be able to pick just one. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Emma would be up there. Janette Oke’s books, too many to pick a favourite, except perhaps Roses for Mama. Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love. Australian Birds would probably be on the list, with it’s beautiful pictures and helpful information. The 4 Ingredients recipe books, with their quick and easy recipes just made for a busy little wife. A veterinary dictionary, with it’s intriguing big words. Joe Wheeler’s The Good Lord Made Them All series of beautiful and courageous animal stories. Catherine Marshall’s Christy is both beautiful and heart-rending. Leslie Ludy’s Authentic Beauty and Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge are both great books on Christian womanhood. So many books to learn from and enjoy and be friends with.

There is another Book that is even more special. It’s Author isn’t too popular in the world today, but His Book has stood the test of time. Translated into many languages, with many different versions, it still remains strong. I have about 10 copies in different versions on my bookshelf. And they don’t get opened as often as they should. I want to change that today.

How about you? Do you have this Book? Do you read it?


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